What does Disliz mean?

Disliz is a combination of two words in Spanish: Design and Happy. Designing what makes you happy into a watch is our goal.

Where is the Disliz brand from?
We are a Mexican brand that started in 2019. All watches are designed in Mexico and manufactured in Asia.

In what year was Disliz born?
The idea of making collectible watches was born in 2018 and the Disliz brand was created in 2019. In January, 2019 we opened our Instagram account and started growing the business. On August 30, 2019 we launched the pre-sale of our watches in Mexico and in 2020 we launched in the U.S.

Why collectible watches?
Because we couldn't find collectible watches that we liked. Most of the watches had very childish designs, they were of very poor quality or they were very expensive. That's why we decided to make the watches that made us happy to have, use and collect.

Who's behind Disliz?
Three brothers - Enrique, Andrés and Pablo started this brand with the help of many talented people around us.

What is a Watcher?
A Watcher is a person who has at least one #DislizWatch and helps us continue to grow Disliz with their comments, suggestions and even complaints.


Are the watches waterproof?
Your #DislizWatch is designed and tested to 3ATM static pressure during and after manufacture. We recommend not to submerge it in pools or the ocean so that the illustration in the silicon strap doesn't wear out.

Can I go swimming with my watch?
You can shower and wash your hands, although we do not recommend you take your watch swimming with you.

Does my #DislizWatch need special care?
Not necessarily, but know that they have a battery and intricate machinery. You will need to change the battery when it runs out and obviously be careful as they have glass and delicate pieces inside that can break with strong blows.

What material is my #DislizWatch made of?
The main materials in your #DislizWatch are mineral crystal glass, plastic, and silicone.

What machinery and battery do our watches use?
Your #DislizWatch uses Miyota machinery, and the battery is a SONY HG.0% JAPAN.

How long does the watch battery last?
On average, the battery should last 14 months.

How big is the watch?
The watch face is 39mm (1.53 inches) in diameter. The width of the strap is 18mm (0.71 inches).

How resistant are the watches?
They are designed to withstand casual moves and blows, but not a second-floor drop (so don't go throwing them out the window).

What generation #DislizWatch do I have?
The generation of your #DislizWatch means the production batch of your watch. gen #000 was the first batch to be made, and so on. Once we run out of a gen #000 we start producing the gen #001 and so on. We don't have a fixed number of watches per gen as each model is different.

Can the appearance of the watch vary from generation to generation?
Maybe. Again, it depends on the model. It's like books or comics, there may be variations on covers depending on the number of impressions. It's the same here. A gen #000 watch may be different from gen #002, as we try to continuously improve on our designs and models.



What licenses does Disliz have?
We currently have the license of PEANUTS and CHESPIRITO (coming soon).

Will more licenses become available?
Of course! We want to eventually have everything that continues to make you happy on a watch.

How does Disliz choose the next licenses?
We ask for help from our Watchers (current Disliz customers)! If you are looking for something specific you can write to us and let us know what you're interested in.

How often do you get new licenses?
Whenever we can. We don't have exact dates, when we find a good opportunity and we know that the Watchers will want it, we take it. We hope it won't take long for us to release new ones.


When will my order be shipped?
Once your payment is verified, we will start to prepare your order. We typically ship whithin 2 business days. 

How much does shipping cost?
It depends as all orders are currently shipped from Cicero, Illinois. Cost will vary depending on your shipping address.

How long will it take for my #DislizWatch to arrive?
Expect about 4-7 business days for standard shipping and 2-4 business days for expedited shipping. We will send you an email with the tracking number.

What shipping companies does Disliz use?
We use different carriers such as USPS, FEDEX, DHL and UPS.

How and where can I track my shipment?
We will send you an email confirming your purchase. In that email you will be able to see a tracking number for your #DislizWatch.

My watch hasn't arrived, what can I do?
If you've already followed your tracking number and you're still having trouble, write to hey@disliz.com so we can help you find your #DislizWatch.

What if my watch arrives damaged?
Your #DislizWatch has a warranty for both the product and the shipping. If your watch arrives damaged, write to us so we can help you as soon as possible.


Will I have to pay international duties and taxes?
Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes. Disliz cannot be responsible for the duties or taxes applied to your package. 

What payment methods can I use?
You can buy your #DislizWatch with debit card or credit card through PayPal.


Does my #DislizWatch have a warranty?
Yes. All watches have a factory defect warranty. The product warranty lasts for one year after your purchase.

What does the product warranty cover?
Your #DislizWatch warranty covers any factory defect. The warranty does not cover the normal use and deterioration of the watch, battery, strap, or loss/theft. The warranty will not be accepted if your #DislizWatch shows signs of misuse.

How do I make the warranty valid?
If your #DislizWatch has a problem, write to us at hey@disliz.com. It is important that you keep the warranty that comes inside the packaging. The warranty won’t be valid without the physical warranty that comes with your #DislizWatch.


Can I have my money back if I didn't like the watch?
Yes! You have 30 calendar days from the time you receive your #DislizWatch to request a return. Write to hey@disliz.com and we'll send you a shipping slip. As soon as we receive the watch, we will make a full refund of your payment. Just remember to send the watch, packaging, and warranty. 

If I regret buying a certain model, can I exchange it for another?
Yes! You have 30 calendar days from the time you receive your #DislizWatch to request the change for the model you want and that we have in stock. 

What if my #DislizWatch arrives damaged?
All watches have a one-year factory defect warranty. If your watch arrives damaged, write to hey@disliz.com.