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All our watches have Miyota movement, a very reliable, durable and easy to repair Japanese machinery. If your #DislizWatch stopped working or is getting delayed, you may have a problem with the machinery, but it's simple and quick to fix.


All our watches are quartz watches and work with a 1.55 V AgO type battery. On average, the battery should last between 14 months. You can change the battery at any watchmaker's workshop, it's very simple. Or if you like, we can change the battery for you.


Our watches have 3ATM water resistance. They can withstand small splashes of water. In case water gets into your #DislizWatch, the machinery will most likely rust. Depending on the state, the machinery could be cleaned.


We use mineral glass and other resistant materials. However, they can deteriorate with time and use. Especially the print on the strap. Our guarantee covers problems due to factory defects and not due to wear and tear. However, we can find a solution depending on the case.


Other problems may occur. But we are here to find a solution. Write us with your problem, and let's find a solution.

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La Locura Suiza S.A. de C.V. guarantees its watch, all its parts and components against manufacturing defects, as well as workmanship for a period of 1 year from the time of delivery of the good or product to the customer. To make this warranty effective you must present the product together with this policy, duly or in the Service Center that appears at the end of this warranty, the same where you can repair your watch.

The costs arising for the performance of this warranty shall be borne by the importer, such asspare parts, parts, components, labor and transportation.Quartz watches work with a 1.55 V AgO type battery.

When not operated in accordance with the instructions.
When it has been operated under conditions other than those normal and/or attributable to consumer misuse.
When it had been tried to modify, manipulate or repair by persons not authorized by La LocuraSuiza S.A. de C.V.
Please check that the product is in good condition and fill in the following details at the time of delivery of the good or product.

The warranty covers any factory defect within 12 months of purchase.
1. To make this warranty valid, it is necessary to file a complaint with the seller or an authorized service center and agree on the method of delivery of the watch (e.g. by taking it personally to the store) along with proof of purchase such as the warranty card (one is issued by the seller, without changes made by authorized persons, including scratches or amendeds, etc.)

2. Regardless of the rights set forth in the relevant laws, the warranty beneficiary may, in the event of defects in the watch, require that the defective product be repaired without a cost to the client or in case it is impossible to repair it, to be replaced by a new one without defects. The guarantor's obligations described in the paragraph shall hence forth be called guarantee benefits.

3. The guarantor shall provide warranty benefits provided that the complaining party:
a. you have the right to make the claim under the warranty and provide proof of suchright.
b. file a written complaint at the authorized sales store or service center within two months of the defect's discovery.
c. provided that such circumstances do not arise that may relieve the warranty fromliability.

4. The following does not qualify as a defect:
a. effects of normal use and wear of the watch and not caused, in particular by the impact of external factors, including negative effects of dust, as well as human sweat and salt contained therein.
b. Defects:- discovered out of warranty or unreported within 2 months of being discovered.- that have arisen because of the beneficiary of the guarantee, including reasons associated with the use of the watch, not competent with the document and in particular for not following the recommendations of the instructions.c. effects of regular use and in particular of standard service, e.g. battery changes, regular checkups, and regular repairs

5. A complaint must be processed and must be answered within the time stipulated in the applicable laws, starting with the delivery of the watch to the authorized store or service center.

6. This guarantee must be valid internationally and be mandatory in countries where DISLIZ has official distributors. This warranty shall not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the Purchaser based in the applicable laws of the country in which the watch was purchased.AllergiesThe case of your watch and bracelet may contain some nickel, as permitted by applicable laws, including the European Steering Union 94/27/EC.
In rare cases, the sweating effects of some individuals (including the action of chemicals, e.g.medicines) in combination with dirt could trigger an allergic reaction, stain the skin, clothing or watch strap.People susceptible to allergies or other sweat compositions and/or pH values other than average are advised to use cases and bracelets made of pure (uncoated) steel, titanium, gold or platinum.

1. Quartz models are filled with a factory battery whose life depends on many factors (e.g.how often functions are used etc.), and exhaustion is not a product defect. The battery on the watch was not produced by the watch manufacturer and is therefore not a component of the watch.. When under warranty, take the battery to be replaced at a professional service center. The seller recommends using authorized service centers and informs that the law is responsible for choosing a service center to the party making the choice. Each professionally performed service ends with a check of whether the watch has retained the required waterproofness after the battery change.
2. If you choose to have the battery replaced by an unauthorized center, once the watch is out of warranty, be sure to select batteries of the same size coded as the original battery.

Your Disliz watch is waterproof to level 3 ATM.
Please pay special attention to the waterproofing class as well as usage descriptions. Watches are classified into different kinds of waterproofing. It is essential that you are fully familiar with the waterproofness level of each watch as well as the parameters of its contact with water:3 ATM / 30m – watch suitable for brief accidental exposure to water, e.g. rain.
CAUTION: Before putting the watch into contact with water, make sure that the crown ispressed/screwed to the case. The manufacturer only guarantees waterproofness under theseconditions, also assuming that the watch has not been mechanically damaged in any way (e.g.glass, bezel, case cover, damaged crown, etc.)